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“Are you moving poorly because you are in pain
Or are you in pain because you are moving poorly?”

-Gray Cook

Experience the Moves You Physiotherapy Difference

  • Tailored Treatments

    No two individuals are the same. Our treatments are customized to fit your unique needs.

  • Proven Results

    Our track record speaks for itself. Join the many who’ve rediscovered their movement with us.

  • Dedicated Follow-Up

    Our commitment doesn’t end with a session. We ensure consistent follow-ups for sustained recovery.




    Our physiotherapy treatments prioritize your movement and well-being. From injury recovery to enhanced mobility, experience personalized care that gets you moving at your best.


    Manual therapy is a powerful tool for treating musculoskeletal pain and disability. We aim to provide these benefits through our professional and compassionate care.


    We offer specialized Vestibular Rehabilitation. A dedicated physiotherapy service aimed at reducing the symptoms of vestibular disorders.


    Telerehab has many of the same benefits as a face-to-face physiotherapy session. Work directly with your physio to discuss, assess, and diagnose problems just as if you were in the clinic.


    As a certified Complete Concussions location we provide a full evidence-based concussion management program including baseline testing, concussion treatment and rehabilitation.


    If chronic muscle tension or discomfort has been holding you back, our IMS services in Coquitlam & Port Coquitlam are here to help.


    Laser Therapy stands out for its unique benefits. Using lasers, we offer a non-invasive treatment that alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing.


    Spinal Decompression is a non-invasive solution for relieving persistent back pain, improving spinal function, and enhancing overall health.


    Our specialized treatment plans may also include Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Ultrasound Therapy, and Interferential Current Therapy (IFC).


    Our Clinical Pilates program is designed to build strength, endurance, body awareness, balance, and good posture, all while fostering a deep mind-body connection.


    The GLA:D  program is a group education and exercise initiative designed for individuals dealing with symptoms of hip and knee osteoarthritis. 

    This program offers two educational and twelve neuromuscular exercise sessions. Working in a group setting enables you to have your sessions at a significantly discounted fee.


  • Back Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Sprains & Strains

  • Arthritis

  • Neck Pain

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Hip Pain

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Shoulder Injuries

  • Chronic Pain

  • Vestibular Disorders

  • Sports Injuries

  • Musculoskeletal Conditions

  • Leg Pain


Michelle Gibson

Michelle Gibson received her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in India. She continued her education in Canada and specialized in Manual Therapy, FCE and Gunn IMS. She completed her Doctor of Manual Therapy residency program with OGI in January 2014. She is also certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussion Management. Her latest passion is Clinical Pilates, which she has added to her repertoire of treatment. She has 20 years of experience working as a Lecturer in Physiotherapy, running Work Conditioning programs; and in acute outpatient Physical Therapy.

Her passion for Physiotherapy is combined with a never-ending quest for further education and excellence.

Jyoti Samrat

Jyoti  completed her degree in physiotherapy from India in 2011. She has worked in different clinical settings including hospitals and rehab centres.

She strives to use her professional knowledge to empower her clients. She is a firm believer that education and individualized treatment are the best keys in accomplishing treatment  goals.

In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, cooking and listening to music.

Teresa Iwerima

Teresa Iwerima earned her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy from the University of Nigeria in 1998. She worked her way up to chief Physiotherapist at the Federal Medical Center in Keffi, Nigeria till she came to Canada in 2017. She has worked in private practice in various clinics in the lower mainland. She continues to further her education by taking courses such as the MDT series offered by the Mackenzie Institute and Soft tissue techniques offered by the International Olympic Committee.

Her treatment approach involves a combination of manual therapy and exercise prescription. She enjoys travelling and spending quality time with her four children.

Kayla Hertendy

Kayla earned her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Queen’s University, after obtaining her Bachelors of Health Sciences with minor in Gerontology from the University of Ottawa. Since graduation, she has continued her education by regular research review and pursuing her manual therapy levels which will ultimately lead to a Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy. She has also obtained her dry needling certification from Acupuncture Canada.

Kayla’s approach to physiotherapy is evidence-based, guided by individual client context. Her treatment plans integrate manual therapy, exercise prescription, and education. Whether the goal is to return to work, sport, or daily life, Kayla aims to motivate and to provide the tools necessary for clients to play an active role in their recovery journey.

Outside of the clinic Kayla keeps active at the gym, or on the beach — enjoying open water swimming, scuba diving or surfing.

Andrew Moussavi

Andrew Moussavi obtained his BSc with distinction in Biomedical Physiology at Simon Fraser University and then went on to complete his MSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta. Throughout this journey, he was privileged to gain valuable clinical experience in advanced orthopedic mobilizations, post/pre-surgical rehabilitation, chronic pain and vestibular rehabilitation.

Andrew’s passion for Physical Therapy can be traced back to his recovery from multiple traumatic knee operations and experiencing the rewards of a successful treatment plan. Through this experience and clinical background, he has built his philosophy of care to utilize best practice guidelines- incorporating manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, education/motivational interviewing and modalities. Through a goal-oriented approach, he looks forward to collaborating with any client/athlete to assist in injury management or prevention.

In his spare time, Andrew stays active through resistance training, recreational skiing, kayaking and soccer.

Arnohn Cabigon

Arnohn is a graduate of the UBC School of Kinesiology and is currently a practicing member of the BCAK. Arnohn’s rehabilitation philosophy is based on four core principles: Education, Compassion, Patience, and Understanding. With this approach, he is better able to connect with clients, recognize their needs, and provide the support and guidance they require to succeed and meet their goals.

As a Kinesiologist, he is a strong believer in evidence-based practice to optimize functional gains. Which he uses to educate clients and support them in their rehab journey. His areas of practice include injury rehabilitation, functional training, and fitness coaching.

In his free time, he enjoys baking, watching movies, and spending time with his dog, Obi, the cutest boy.


At Moves You Physiotherapy, we prioritize your convenience and well-being. That’s why we provide direct billing to numerous insurance providers, streamlining your experience with us.

  • Chamber of Commerce Group

  • Insurance CINUP Claim

  • Secure Cowan

  • Desjardins Insurance

  • Sun Life Financial

  • First Canadian

  • Great-West Life

  • Group Health

  • Group Source

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Johnson Inc

  • Johnston Group Inc

  • Manion

  • Manulife Financial

  • Maximum Benefit


  • Port Coquitlam

  • Coquitlam


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Most extended health insurance plans do cover physiotherapy treatments. However, the extent of coverage can differ among providers. We recommend reaching out to your insurance provider to get specifics on your coverage. Our administrative team can also assist with direct billing for many insurance plans.

While you don’t need a doctor’s referral to begin treatment at our physiotherapy clinic, it’s always beneficial to have a comprehensive view of your health. Some insurance providers might require a doctor’s referral for reimbursement, so it’s a good idea to check with your insurance policy beforehand.

The number of sessions required varies widely based on the individual’s condition, the goals set for recovery, and how one responds to therapy. After your initial assessment, our physiotherapist will discuss a recommended treatment plan tailored to your needs, ensuring you have a clear path to recovery.

Our primary objective is to help you alleviate pain and discomfort. While some treatments or exercises might cause temporary discomfort, they are designed for long-term relief. Our therapists are trained to ensure that procedures are carried out with utmost care, keeping your comfort in mind at all times.

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